The production of moulds and other complex engineering components requires high levels of collaborative partnership between all employees involved, enabling us to provide services fully meeting customer requirements.

The reliability and high quality of our products and services, combined with our company´s capacity to respond swiftly to customer requests creates trust and good cooperation between us and our customers. We wish to develop continually, gain new markets and constantly improve services and our internal organisation for our customers.

This is why we need satisfied customers and motivated employees.

Customer satisfaction is and remains one of our most forceful marketing instruments. For this reason, we regularly assess customer satisfaction levels, maintaining them and – if necessary – improving them.

Employees can be motivated by suitable, appropriate measures. Employees are encouraged to contribute towards optimising company procedures and to effect improvements in other areas. We are open to all proposals for improvements and requests for advanced training specific to certain areas.

Our customers´ increasing requirements and expectations require high commitment to quality on the part of all staff as well as the willingness to apply this awareness in order to guarantee the quality of our products and services. Other GIF core objectives are very short delivery times and consultancy services for our customers to identify cost reducing potential.

We achieve these goals with the following company principles:

  • Continual improvement of the quality of our products and services at all levels
  • Guaranteeing product and service quality, plus efficient production by way of precise calculation and determination of product requirements
  • Creating and maintaining a comprehensive commitment to quality on the part of all staff using appropriate qualification, information and motivation
  • Clear assignment methods, applying explicit structural and procedural organisation, focussing on quality assurance. Realisation of cost-optimised quality of purchased items by choosing suitable supplies and suppliers

The company management deploys optimally trained personnel and the means necessary to achieve these goals, conducting regular checks on compliance with these principles.