Environmental policy

Environmental protection and sustainability are an integral part of our company policy. With this in mind, our company commits to ecological and economic issues in equal measure. The following guidelines form the basis for our ecologically oriented management:

  1. Our production facilities use raw materials and equipment having no due environmental impact and which are recyclable, further minimising any environmental effects. This applies for all metal residual materials, which are 100% recycled, and for packaging materials and substances made of cellulose.
  2. A major goal is to minimise energy consumption, emissions, waste water, refuse, auxiliary and working materials. Long-term effectiveness of the measures is checked upon by regularly monitoring consumption levels.
  3. Environmental protection and sustainability are an integral part of continual improvement processes applied in our company, and are a key management task. Management is responsible for encouraging a climate of understanding, openness and responsibility within the company, creating the conditions for actual implementation of these environmental guidelines. Training and motivation are an established part of this concept.

We undertake to comply with environmental legislation and regulations in force, as well as provisions from respective authorities, considering them to be minimum requirements.

You can download our certificate here.