5-axis-milling of gear wheels is highly suitable for all special types of gears. There are virtually no limitations with respect to gear parameters, ranging to the gear design.

According your order, we produce:

  • gear wheels and pinions with double helical / herringbone gearing
  • crown wheels
  • any desired special gearing
  • gear segments / gear racks
  • internal gearing

ringDouble Helical Gear:

Material: 42CrMo4
Da: 1405 mm
m: 10
z: 120
ß: 30°
b: 240 mm

production sequence:
• gearing
• long-term nitrifying



rollenPinion Shaft

Material: 18CrNiMo6-7
Da: 341 mm
m: 12
z: 22
ß: 31°
b: 120 mm

production sequence:
• pre-milling
• case-hardening to 60 HRC
• hard finish milling

special gearings