Gear repairs

… unexpected need for spare parts – sudden system shutdown ?

…. delivery times for original spare parts too long ?

…. technical documentation no longer existent ?

We have the right solutions for your requirements, with fast delivery times:

  • spare parts production with very short delivery times
    (dependent of availability of raw materials)
  • repair of large gear wheels using ring inserts
  • expert repair welding
    (according to extent of damage – as a fast interim solution)

Example of application:

  • repair using ring insert
  • large gear wheel from press drive
  • m= 18, z= 120, Da= 2438 mm, b= 400 mm



  • measurement of center distance (on site) and
  • determination of gearing parameters
  • design of repair gearing bandage
  • raw material procurement: rolled ring made of 42CrMo4
  • turn off defective gearing – machining seat contour for repair insert
  • manufacture of the bandage ring and assembly on the wheel body
  • machining of gearing on a 5-axis-milling machine
  • spare part production of corresponding pinion (raw material procurement, turning, 5-axis-milling of gearing)

➦ typical lead time (according to availability of materials)

  • pinion (Da < 600 mm):     1 – 2 weeks
  • wheels (Da < 2000 mm):   8 – 10 weeks

➦ Implementing a gearing bandage is a long-term repair solution !